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This sink was designed to mimic the stain glass pattern in this Wyoming resident's home.

This display sink was glazed with a beautiful French Toule design, a Birch Tree theme and Vibrant Red Lilies.

This scene from part of a display sink has a baby bear chasing its mother...

And a sun drenched Tuscan village.

This lovely French Toule design would look wonderful in a room with matching frabric!

The following pictures are of ceramic sinks that have been custom painted and fired to a permanent, unscratchable finish. These sinks are commissioned for residential and commercial use. Several of the following pictures are of display sinks, with three possible designs painted in each sink. Sinks are often commissioned to be painted to match wallpaper, or a theme in the room. The possiblities are endless. Sinks come in a variety of shapes. Please contact Karen for more information.

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